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National Youth Film & Animation School 2022
Screen Ireland Bursary

What Is a Screen Ireland Bursary?

A Screen Ireland Bursary is aimed at supporting creative young people aged between 16-19yrs, from historically disadvantaged or marginalised backgrounds or circumstances to attend a ten day residential film & animation camp this August.  The bursary is for young people who want to explore the possibility of a career or college placement in Film or Animation.  

Who Can Nominate a Young Person?

Any youth or community work professional can nominate a young person.  Also film/animation club leaders and informal educators or youth arts professionals.  Nominations can not be made by a parent, guardian, teacher, family member or personal friend.

Who Is Eligible?

The bursary award especially supports young people aged 16-19yrs who typically have limited or no access to extracurricular activities and/or where their right to inclusion needs to be resourced.  To be equitable, the bursary also awards young people from historically underrepresented and/or under resourced communities.  Any young person fitting this criteria aged between 16-19 years with a strong interest in film or animation is eligible. 

What Does This Free Training Offer a Young Person?

Young people are mentored throughout the programme in all aspects of the film or animation making process. It provides opportunities for young people to connect with like-minded peers in an inclusive, safe and brave creative space. Pathways into film and animation training, portfolio preparation, and future work opportunities are also discussed throughout the training. 

What Does the Bursary cover?

The bursary will cover the young person’s fees, accommodation and travel costs to make sure there are no financial barriers for them to participate in the programme. The programme fees cover full bed & board with an additional pocket money fund available if this is deemed necessary.  There is very little need for pocket money as there are only one or two off site activities such as a cinema night or a trip to the theatre. The young people will be kept busy making films or taking part in game nights during free time.

Welfare of the young person?

As this is a residential programme, there will be 24 hour supervision with Overnight & Daytime Welfare Officers on hand to look after any needs the young people attending may have.  Young Irish Film Makers are the organisers of this programme and have all the relevant Garda Vetting, child protection training, policies, procedures and welfare staff in place.



  • Nominations MUST come from a youth or community work professional.
  • Permission of the young person and parent/guardian must be secured in advance
  • Candidates chosen will represent a representative cross-section of young people in Ireland
  • The young person must be available to attend the full camp in August 2022
  • The young person must be aged between 16-19 years in August 2022
  • The young person must follow YIFMs codes of conduct and group contract with other participants. 
  • The young person must have a strong interest in film/animation 
  • All NYFAS and YIFM staff are garda-vetted and required to adhere to the highest standards in safe, inclusive, regulated online youth work practices and youth welfare policies

Bursary Application Form

Funded by Screen Skills Ireland in partnership with The National Film School at IADT Dun Laoghaire