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While you’re here, get to know us too!

Garry McHugh

Garry McHugh

Brand New Director Type Guy

No this is not JOE 90! This geeky character is responsible for a national epidemic of great film making workshops in schools, youth clubs and anywhere there may be a group of young potential film rebels. He claims to have worked in London, Los Angeles and Bangkok, but we don’t believe a word of it! Be careful of his drumming skills as he may break into a rendition of his 1990′s hit with Scatman John ‘I’m a Scatman’.

Kylie Minogue

Garry Mc Who? I’ve never heard of that dingo!

Kylie MinogueThe Daily Blank
Angela Walsh

Angela Walsh

The Boss

Brought up on a cocoa plantation in the amazon, Angela found a natural ability to count cocoa beans for a living. She was tamed by the local witch doctor and trained to put her bean counting to a more sustainable venture…. financial accounts! She traveled to Ireland in the 1980′s to meet her idol Johnny Logan and is the president of his fan club to this day. YIFM lured her into the film making business in the mid 1990′s with the promise of fame, fortune and a couple of tickets to the eurovision. She’s still waiting….

Witch Doctor

Ela conta com muitos grãos de cacau essa mulher. Tenha cuidado com ela!

Witch DoctorThe Daily Sacrificehttps://
Veronica Dalton

Veronica Dalton

The Problem Solver

This lady is not to be messed with! She has a blackbelt in Microsoft Excel and is not afraid to use it!!! She will crunch your numbers before you can say the words ‘Can we afford this new camera?’

Jackie Chan

I never wanted to be the next Veronica Dalton, I just wanted to be the next Jackie Chan….. and get my accounts done!!!

Jackie ChanChan the man - My story of how I met Veronica Daltonhttps://