Casting Call NYFAS


Interested in flexing those acting muscles this summer?  Why not audition for one of the roles in the short films being shot by the students of the National Youth Film & Animation School . 

Below you can find each of the roles being cast as well as a section of script for your reading. 

Please send a self tape audition to   

We will be in touch once we’ve had time to review all the auditions.  

Thanks and best of Luck!


Take It from an old man

The old man glances over at the young man. He offers Tommy some seeds. Tommy looks over at him. After a moment, Tommy takes some seeds, scattering them out to the birds.

VERNON: These birds, they can fly away at any time, but they choose to stay where the food is.

Tommy nods, looking at the birds.

TOMMY: I wish I could fly away.

VERNON: Why can’t you?

Tommy shakes his head.

VERNON (CON’D): believe me, I know what it feels like to be trapped. I was for 65 years.

Tommy looks at him.

VERNON: I’m an ex-con.


VERNON: I killed a guy when I was just fresh of 18.

TOMMY: Really? Why?

VERNON: My family needed money.

Tommy fidgets in his seat. He feels inside his jacket. The birds start to squak, and move away from Tommy.

VERNON:I learned a lot of things while I was in there. I was put to work in the library, and my favorite things to read were books about animals. Especially birds. They can sense when someone is nervous.

Vernon looks at Tommy.

VERNON (CON’D): Why are you nervous son?

Tommy stays silent for a moment.

TOMMY: My family needs money too. My little sister is sick…

Tommy looks around, there is no one else around. He slowly
pulls out a gun.
Vernon is unfazed by the sight of it.

VERNON: Ah, I see.

Arlo’s Astronaut

JUDE pulls out two paper cups attached by a string. They are used as walkie talkies. They put on space commander voices.

JUDE (CONT’D): Arlo, do you copy? Over.

ARLO: Yes I do. Over.

JUDE: Do you think I’d make a good astronaut?

Whining, ARLO stops using the cup.

ARLO: But I’m always the astronaut!

JUDE(hesitantly): No Arlo, like a real one. Over.

ARLO: A real one? Over.

JUDE: Yeah…I could go to the moon. Over.

ARLO(wide-eyed) : In a real rocket? Over.

JUDE: Exactly.

ARLO sits up, more excited than he has ever been. He is admiring JUDE.

ARLO: You’ll fight real aliens! You can take my Nerf gun, it’s the best one, everyone says so. Over.

JUDE(chuckling): You won’t miss it? Over.

ARLO: I’ll come too!

JUDE’s face drops.

ARLO (CONT’D):I’m better at beating aliens. I’m a pro Jude, but I’ll teach you. That means that we can fly together and-

JUDE (sharply) : No, not this time.

ARLO: Why not?


Casey is waiting in the kitchen when the two girls enter the room.

CASEY: Oh Jesus, are you not wearing anything over that?

ORLA: Mam stop, oh my God.

CASEY: Sorry, sorry. Are ye ready to go?

ORLA: Yeah I think so. Do I look okay?

Casey watches as her daughter looks down and self consciously pulls at her dress. She instantly knows what Orla is thinking and scrambles to say something encouraging.

CASEY: You look lovely dear, you both do. Absolutely stunning.

MAEVE: Could you take a photo of us before we go?

CASEY: Of course I can.

Casey takes Maeve’s phone and the two girls stand side by side, their arms around each other, smiling but still trying to look cool. They both stand up a little straighter, sucking
in their stomachs just like they did in front of the mirror.

Pressure Point

They look at each other then back at him, erupting into laughter. Clark(30’s),unathletic wearing a wool knitted cardigan and a shirt with a geeky franchise on it, laughs nervously along with them, trying not to seem awkward.

A sigh of relief came from Bertie and Jayce after they were done laughing.

Clark: Hi! How’s it going?! My name’s Clark, like Superman, although no one should know his name or his identity, should they? Heh.

Bertie: (Jayce had a nasty, confident grin on his face) Well, “Clark”, it sure is nice to meet ya. Mind if we come inside? We have something to…talk to you about.

Clark: Well of course! I was just making some tea as it is, good timing, am I right? (He paused for a little very awkwardly)Heh. C-Come in then, take a seat in the living room, I’l-l bring some biscuits too!

Jayce and Bertie followed him in, grinning from ear to ear. He walked in a jolly way and led them to the living room. They sank into the couch and placed their dirty boots on the coffee table with an arrogant look on their faces. Jayce looked over at Bertie and smirked.

JAYCE:  I’ll tell ya, I didn’t expect the boss to pull our leg like that, he doesn’t do that very much! (He laughed heartily)

BERTIE:  I know sure! He didn’t seem like the type to have a sense of humor. But here’s the thing, if the fella isn’t “the real deal”, then why does the boss want us to beat him up?

JAYCE(Jayce shrugs with a grin): Not my place to ask questions.

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