Young Irish Film Makers is a digital film training and production centre where young people aged 13 to 20 years are empowered, through a rigorous practical training programme, to work at broadcast standards with professional digital equipment to make films, particularly feature length films.

Our Projects

  • stealaway - yifm


    Stealaway tells the story of two brothers, Mike and Matty, who must deal with a terrible tragedy. Set in the last week of the summer holidays, the elder Mike and his gang of friends plan to have one last lark before school restarts – to...

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  • Suckers - YIFM


    School is tough. Vampires are tougher. It looked like just another boring day in an Irish secondary school. However, this day is going to be anything but ordinary. The teachers have become vampires, the school is under attack and students are dying. Only 18 year...

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  • Lily's Bad Day - YIFM

    Lily’s Bad Day

    A comic fantasy which takes place over the space of one very strange day. It tells the story of a 15-year-old girl, Lily (Stacey Dunne) who spends most of her summer days with her grandmother (Eileen Little). However, one day Lily visits her grandmother to...

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  • Easton - Short Film - Yifm


    A rotoscoped short film called Easton by Fergal Costello as part of Young Irish Film Makers. This is an unusual tale of looking into the abyss.

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  • Gathering - Old Times - YIFM

    Under The Hawthorn Tree

    The epic survival story of the three O’Driscoll children during the great IrishFamine has become a huge best-selling book having sold over 70,000 copiesin Ireland alone. Published in May 1990 by the O’Brien Press in Dublin it remained on the bestseller list for over two years.

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  • 3

    The Suitors

    A homage to the silent era comedy of Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin and Harold Llyod this is the 2008 film from Young Irish Fillm Makers. This is a studio run by teenagers to make digital feature films every summer in Kilkenny, Ireland. This is directed...

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  • viral


    A group of teenagers on a school trip, and on the way home their bus just stops driving. It turns out that the bus driver is dead, and the camp leader is also dead. Viral was filmed at locations around the county, including Jenkinstown Wood...

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  • The Usurpers - Yifm Feature Film

    The Usurpers

    Usurpers is a loose adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth set during the annual Bloodbath of the Bands competition. It was shot by a small crew and a large cast during the summer of 2010 in Kilkenny. The film tells the story of deadly rivals The Usurpers and ...

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  • firstconfession

    First Confession

    Young Irish Film Makers summer film production this year was First Confession, based on the famous short story by Frank O’Connor. The film was shot in and around Kilkenny between Monday 4th and Friday 15th July. Mike Kelly has written the screenplay adaptation and will...

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